May 20, 2021
by jslattery303

Colorado Cannabinoids Receives PSI certification

Colorado, May. 20. 2021– Colorado Cannabinoids, a leader in cannabis and hemp extraction technology, announces that the U.S. Pressure Safety Inspectors (PSI) has certified Box State, its parent company’s ethanol…...

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Colorado, May. 20. 2021– Colorado Cannabinoids, a leader in cannabis and hemp extraction technology, announces that the U.S. Pressure Safety Inspectors (PSI) has certified Box State, its parent company’s ethanol extraction system. The new PSI certification confirms the brand’s compliance with the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division’s regulations published on January 1, 2021. On April 14, 2021, the company’s premises, extraction gear, and standard operating procedures were found to comply with the state rules for ethanol extraction and usage processing operations.

For ethanol solvent extractions, a dedicated extraction room is required. From each extraction room, there needs to be one (1) exit point. Extraction rooms must have a self-closing exit, be egress-directed, and be equipped with panic equipment.

IBC Section 307.1 specifies the maximum allowable quantities of flammable liquids in each control area of a facility to reduce the risk of fire hazards. Ethanol must be restricted to the minimum amount needed for extraction operations within the extraction room.

Extraction rooms must have fire-rated walls and exit hardware as prescribed by the facility’s engineer on file. Extraction rooms must be constructed with non-combustible materials or materials approved for fire resistance by the facility’s engineer on file. For ethanol extraction rooms, hazardous exhaust systems must be installed.

A post-extraction room procedures include refining the product further through ethanol-based extraction filtration, solvent recovery using ethanol, and decarboxylation using heat. To remove undesirable solids from the ethanol extract, the final product is vacuum filtered.

A final refinement step employs rotary evaporation to produce a cannabinoid oil-ethanol solution. Typically, solvent recovery involves mixing, boiling, and reduced pressure applied via a vacuum pump to remove the solvent, usually ethanol, from an ethanol-crude oil solution.

It is possible to further refine the crude cannabis oil by decarboxylation, which involves removing carboxylic acid groups by heat. It is required to have a hazardous exhaust system installed for any post-extraction process using flammable liquids. A fume hood may or may not be used in the post-extraction processing room.

Joe Slattery CEO of Box State and CC says that,”Colorado Cannabinoids cannabis engineering experts possess years of industrial experience and have completed thousands of extraction-related processes. The equipment and procedures we use are designed to make ethanol extraction labs more efficient, intensive, productive, versatile, and productive based on the challenges ethanol extraction businesses face.”

The certification announcement comes weeks after the brand added a slew of new products and flavors to their CBD line. These include Mixed Berry, Sweet Lemon, and Orange Cream in 1000 mg and 3000 mg strengths and bacon-flavored CBD for pets. The products can be purchased online and in various CBD shops in Colorado.

About Colorado Cannabinoids ( )

Locally owned and operated, Colorado Cannabinoids manufactures CBD products for humans and pets. Box State, our parent company, uses the latest extraction technology to extract CBD from hemp that’s natural, organic and locally produced.

We strive to provide customers with products and services of the highest quality, with independent 3rd party testing, ensuring a continuous supply of high-quality products at accessible prices.

Media Contact: Joe Slattery

Company name: Colorado Cannabinoids

Phone: (720) 334 9063



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