April 29, 2021
by jslattery303

Exciting New Products from your Local Colorado CBD Company

Colorado Cannabinoids Launches New Products and Flavors Colorado, April. 28. 2021– Leading CBD Company Colorado Cannabinoids has added a diverse mix of products and great-tasting flavors to their line of products! These new…...

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Colorado Cannabinoids Launches New Products and Flavors

Local Colorado CBD from Colorado Cannabinoids

Colorado, April. 28. 2021– Leading CBD Company Colorado Cannabinoids has added a diverse mix of products and great-tasting flavors to their line of products! These new flavors include Mixed Berry, Sweet Lemon, and Orange Cream in 1000mg and 3000mg strengths, along with bacon-flavored CBD for pets.

Colorado Cannabinoids created each of these new products with consumers in mind. CC strives to provide superb quality and naturally flavored CBD products. The company locally sources all ingredients and takes them through testing to confirm they are 100 % natural. No artificial sweeteners. No preservatives.

Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that occurs in hemp. CBD from Colorado is made from hemp plants from local farms. For over a year now, the company’s 3000mg CBD oil in Colorado has been used as a supplement with glowing reviews from customers across the country. The new product additions target delivering more value in terms of taste, flavor, and potency.

Local Colorado CBD Taste and value

Colorado Cannabinoids products contain THC of no more than 0.3 %.CBD oil does not cause a mental or psychoactive effect but and has a beneficial effect. Low THC CBD oil is used by people in pursuit of diverse health goals and pet health. With the added CBD products and flavors, Colorado Cannabinoids takes the lead among CBD brands offering diverse products in Colorado and even the US.

“Not only are there many flavors designed to appeal to different people, but we have also modified products with a variety of strengths to deliver the best results for different kinds of users. With our CBD oil from Colorado, you can expect full-spectrum, extra strength products that are vegan and gluten-free at an unbeatable price,” said Colorado Cannabinoids Founder.

Quality and safety

CBD oil brands are in an arms race to make and deliver cutting-edge CBD oil from organically grown hemp. Colorado Cannabinoids has implemented third-party laboratory testing measures that guarantee quality products in compliance with safety and efficiency standards.

“There are no chemicals or artificial additives in the composition of our products,” added the company chief. “Their greatest characteristic lies in the fact that they provide expansive therapeutic effects. Every product has been tested before, during, and after processing and guaranteed to be free of contaminants.”

Since state laws on CBD vary so greatly, it can be perplexing to know where to get the best CBD products. Our Local Colorado CBD from Colorado Cannabinoids aims to deliver high-quality CBD tinctures most efficiently – with a few clicks, customers can make their purchase online, and the product is shipped to their address—anywhere in the United States. CC products can also be bought from shops across Colorado in online CBD shops.

Abut Colorado Cannabinoids (www.coloradocannabinoids.com )

Colorado Cannabinoids is a locally owned and operated CBD company. We extract CBD from natural, organic, and locally produced hemp in our licensed C1D1 lab facility using the latest extraction technology available. Our mission is to raise the bar on the quality of our products and services with 3rd party testing, ensuring continuous availability of high-quality products at affordable prices.

Media Contact:

Company name: Colorado Cannabinoids

Phone: (720) 334 9063

Email: Sales@Coloradocannabinoids.com

Website: coloradocannabinoids.com


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